One question that we frequently get at Accounting We Will Go is: "Do I need any kind of special connector to connect my Amazon Seller account to QuickBooks online?" The simple answer is in our opinion, no, you don't need a Quickbooks Amazon integration if you do your accounting the way we show you.

Now we know that there are companies like A2X out there offering an Amazon Quickbooks connector that may seem tempting. Who wouldn't want a solution that supposedly does it all for you? Our feeling is that in accounting, as in baking, there are no shortcuts. You just end up with burned fingers and a messy kitchen.

Our approach with our clients, and the whole reason we created Amazon Accounting Simplified is for you to be able to understand what's going on with your numbers. And the process we show you of doing 5-10 minute journal entries makes this possible, and also doesn't require spending anything extra on a connector.

Our online step by step course is designed to help you set up a Quickbooks accounting system specifically for your Amazon e-commerce business, and feel more confident about your financial transactions. Check it out on this page: Amazon Accounting Simplified